Foundation of Sensalia Labs

When we founded Sensalia Labs in 2004, we were a visionary company. We bet on a sure thing, tissue masks, as an effective and practical beauty formula for modern women. In that time, only a few companies offered this technology but in small separated boxes at high prices. An unknown concept in Western Culture but an essential for women in Asia, where it takes part in their daily routine and is known to be a secret of beauty.

That’s when an enterprising impulse took part in us, an idea to bring vanguard cosmetics to the modern woman, all in reasonable prices. Ours had to be high quality formulas, with natural serums, paraben free and with an attractive price tag. Shortly after, our first line in Europe came out, launching 6 monodose tissue masks. At first many of our clients were surprised by the technology, but after trying our masks they instantly fell in love with its results and effectivity. Little by little, just like Japanese bamboo, we’ve expanded, putting down solid roots and satisfying our consumer’s desires from over 20 countries.
In 2011 we were also the first company to develop an intense treatment tissue line of socks and gloves. Another visionary success.
We continue working hard at Sensalia Labs with a marvellous, enthusiastic and passionate team willing to innovate creating authentic products. Our I+D team is working on new product launches that will set record, aligned with our mission: “To bring from the future the cosmetics that make you glow from the inside and outside in every phase of your life”.