When we founded Sensalia Labs in 2004, we were a visionary company. We bet on a sure thing, tissue masks, as an effective and practical beauty formula for modern women. In that time, only a few companies offered this technology but in small separated boxes at high prices. An unknown concept in Western Culture but an essential for women in Asia, where it takes part in their daily routine and is known to be a secret of beauty.

First Mask

Sensalia Labs launches the first facial tissue mask in the European market directly from its headquarters in Barcelona.

2005 (1)

Expansion begins


Iroha Nature expands to Nordic countries (Norway, Iceland…) as well as in Latin America.

New Headquarters

Sensalia Labs moves to a new location in MatarĂ³ (Barcelona)


Gloves and Socks

Launching the first intensive treatment for hands and feet in gloves and socks in Europe.

Media Strategy

Bloggers, Instagrammers, Youtubers and press become aware of our products.


Facialderm Relaunch

We renovated the Facialderm brand with new products and more intensive technologies.

Iroha PRO

Launching Iroha PRO. New models for a more demanding public: professionals. Higher concentration in actives and in-cabin formats.


New image, new models

Launching new masks for face and neck with more concentrates.

New hydrogel patches.

Launching the first FLASH effect line for men.

Today over 20 countries trust us

Consolidation of our presence in the market as a solid, innovative and dynamic company aware of the needs of the modern woman. Bring cosmetics from the future that help her shine in every step of her life.